Give an Organic Coffee Gift Set or Basket

Natures Flavors Organic Coffee Gift Box

Natures Flavors Organic Coffee Gift Box


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Are you looking for a memorable gift set for your friends and family at Christmas or any other occasion?  Many people prefer to find unique combinations of little gifts that they know others will enjoy and put them together as a gift set or basket.  Organic and gourmet coffee gift sets and baskets make the best gifts for the coffee connoisseurs on your list.

You can handpick the flavored coffees to suit each person and make your own gift sets or baskets tailored for each loved one.  Or buy a coffee gift box or mug set from the links listed below.  The coffees might come from Columbia, or as far away as Greece.  And there are many flavors to try.  You can read reviews about organic and gourmet coffee flavors and decide which ones you want to include for each person on your list.

Some on your list might like a coffee that is robust and full of zest and caffeine.  Others might not want the caffeine.  Some of your friends would be thrilled to receive a decorative basket full of gourmet coffees and then later use the basket in their home for other things.

Combination Gift Sets and Basket Ideas

Gourmet coffee sets, boxes and baskets can be filled with a combination of gifts in addition to the coffee, tailored just for that person or family.  Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Fill the basket or box with fresh fruits for your friends who love to make their own jams and jellies.  They can sip their organic gourmet coffee while enjoying the jellies they made on fresh baked bread and biscuits.
  • Gourmet coffee and kitchen accessories in a basket for a wedding shower—a perfect gift for the newly married couple.
  • Dress up the basket or box with matching towels and shower rings and add handmade soaps.  Then surprise them with gourmet coffee hidden in the bottom of the basket.
  • Gourmet coffee boxes and baskets are great gifts for schoolteachers, gifts they can enjoy throughout the year.  They can use the basket in class to hold treats or lost items for the children.
  • Pick individual flavored coffee beans varieties for each friend, and fill several mason jars.  Add a bow, a cross-stitch lid cover and a personal note for each person.  Put the jars in the box or basket for a beautiful personalized gift.
  • Add a gift certificate for organic coffee in a card and let your loved ones pick out there own coffees.
  • Give someone a membership to a Coffee Club or Coffee of the Month Club.

You can find organic coffee beans, mug sets, flavored coffees, gift certificates, gift sets, gift boxes, Coffee Clubs, and Coffee of the Month Clubs by clicking on the links below.


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