Coffee Grinders: Tips for Grinding and Brewing Coffee

ground coffee image by stephenjohnbryde

ground coffee image by stephenjohnbryde


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If you are like most coffee drinkers, you have your own opinion on how to brew the perfect pot of coffee.  Most coffee drinkers agree that it’s a combination of cold, clean water and freshly ground coffee beans.  And to make the freshest pot of coffee, why not grind the coffee beans right at home?  A coffee grinder is the perfect gift for the coffee connoisseur and a nice kitchen accessory.

Grinding fresh coffee unleashes the bean oils and that rich delicious aroma before you brew that first pot of coffee.  It’s like walking into a gourmet coffee shop each morning, right in your own kitchen.

There’s more to brewing a cup of joe besides grinding the beans:  storing the coffee, measuring the grounds, type of coffee maker and water – these all affect the quality of each cup of coffee you make.

Techniques the Coffee Gurus Use:  Tips for Grinding and Brewing Coffee

  • Add 2 heaping tablespoons of whole beans to the grinder for every 6 oz of water
  • For drip coffee makers—measure the water before starting the brewing process
  • For strongest, richest flavor—grind beans in press pots or those with permanent filters, such as gold cones
  • Do not use paper filters—they create an aftertaste and absorb the aromatic oils from the coffee beans that are essential for creating a superb taste
  • If you do use paper filters—rinse them with hot water before use to wash away the aftertaste
  • Know how long to let your coffee brew—fresh ground coffee is delicate.  Left in contact with water for too long makes it bitter.
  • On the other hand—if the coffee grounds don’t spend enough time with the water, it lacks the full and robust flavor you are seeking
  • After brewing that perfect pot—don’t let it sit on the burner or hotplate too long.  After 20 minutes the coffee ‘burns’ and will have a bitter taste, which can take a toll on your stomach.

Coffee grinders are easy to use and make it easy to start every day with robust and flavorful brew.

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