23 Household Uses for Coffee Filters

paper roses made from dyed coffee filters image by Aine D

paper roses made from dyed coffee filters image by Aine D


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Coffee filters can be used for more than just filtering coffee.  Here are some creative ideas that will save you both time and money.  After you use these ideas, you will come up with more creative uses for coffee filters on your own.  So keep an extra package of coffee filters around.  Here are a few ideas for putting those coffee filters to use:

23 Uses for Coffee Filters

  • Use as disposable bowls for snacks like grapes, raisins, popcorn, nuts when you don’t want to dirty the dishes
  • Use them to clean windows if you run out of paper towels
  • Use them to absorb grease from greasy foods, they do a perfect job
  • Use as an ice cream cone holder to catch and absorb the ice cream drips
  • Use for a tissue when you are in a pinch
  • Keep them in your vehicle to use to check the fluids and avoid a mess
  • Use them to clean your glasses.  They work best and don’t leave lint on the lenses
  • Use as an air freshener—add baking soda and a few drops of Young Living Lavender Essential Oil, secure with a twist tie and place them in all the places you need to freshen up
  • Use as small bowls in the kitchen to divide ingredients—saves on messes and makes cleaning the kitchen a breeze
  • Use them to polish your shoes—keeps them shiny
  • Use them in place of newspaper for packing breakable dishes for moving
  • Use them in a pinch for when you are cutting vegetables on your counter
  • Use them to diffuse the brightness of the flash on your camera—ensuring you will get the best picture possible
  • Use them to hold a sandwich or finger foods to catch the crumbs while you are driving to work
  • Use them to line cookie tins for Christmas gifts
  • Use them in flower pots to keep soil in and still drain the water
  • Collect seeds in them by stapling flower heads to them
  • Use them for crafts—make snowflakes, roses or butterflies out of them
  • For crafting—use to catch glitter
  • Put a coffee filter inside your cast iron skillets to absorb moisture when not in use
  • For woodworking and other jobs, use them to hold and separate screws, fasteners and nails so they don’t roll around on the table
  • Use it for a strainer
  • Use them to blot liquids off fabric, furniture and car seats

Coffee filters have numerous uses and you will come up with your own ideas, as you need them.  Take advantage of the ideas here to save you time and money.

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