10 Facts You Never Knew About Coffee

coffee beans image by Stirling Noyes

coffee beans image by Stirling Noyes


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Has someone at the local coffee shop caught your eye, and you need a conversation starter to get his or her attention?  Try some of these interesting coffee facts to break the ice:

  • Coffee has long been considered an aphrodisiac.  It contains a high dose of caffeine and various alkaloids that increase stamina and extend the length of intimate sessions, according to studies.
  • Coffee has only recently been a part of western civilization since the 1500’s, in contrast to being a part of the Arab world for thousands of years.  After being brought to the western world, priests considered coffee a drink of the devil until Pope Clement VIII finally took a sip and then gave it his blessing.
  • Japan’s official Coffee Day is October 1st.
  • One acre of coffee trees yields 10,000 pounds of coffee cherries.  After they are milled, there are 2,000 pounds of coffee beans.
  • Hawaii is the only U.S. state that grows coffee.  The only United States territory that grows coffee is Puerto Rico.
  • Germany is the 2nd largest coffee consumer and 43% of Germans add sweetener to their coffee.  Only 27% of Americans use sweetener in their coffee.
  • The Latin name for the genus of trees that grow coffee is Coffea, and that is where the English word coffee comes from.
  • All 53 countries that grow coffee are located along the equator.
  • Consumers spend 45 hours every year waiting for their coffee at the drive-through windows before going to work.
  • The only product traded more heavily than coffee is petroleum.  Six million metric tonnes of coffee are produced around the world.

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